Welcome to TwirlyQ!

Welcome Twirlers! "Ready? Five-six-seven-eight!" The music begins, and your heart soars as you twist, twirl, and tour jeté across the floor. With a silver flourish, your baton spins through your fingers, behind your back, and under your leg. You look to your left and right, and you smile knowing you are surrounded by friends. TwirlyQ is a baton twirling team based out of New Kent County, Virginia. We offer classes for recreational and competitive baton twirling within the National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA).

About Us

Meet Mrs. Deyo
TwirlyQ was organized in the fall of 2011 for students interested in learning how to twirl the baton. We offer classes at the recreation level with opportunities for students to compete in several baton twirling contests each season.  TwirlyQ students are coached by Mrs. Janet Deyo, current librarian of Baker Elementary School and former NBTA twirler. As a twirler, Mrs. Deyo was a member of Shelvy Manning’s dance-twirl team, Shelvy’s Superstars, where she competed at the state, regional, and national level, winning the titles Miss College Majorette of Virginia 2000 and Intermediate Miss Majorette of the Mid-Atlantic 1997. While attending James Madison University, she assisted the Massanutten Majorettes and coached other students to state and regional titles.

What can I expect in a twirling class?
At TwirlyQ, we strive to create a positive, caring environment where every child has opportunities to build new friendships and develop good sportsmanship. All children, whether a recreational twirler or contest twirler, are part of the TwirlyQ team. Positive re-enforcement and goal setting are part of every class.  Classes begin with a light cardio warm-up followed by stretching exercises. Students will learn marching, basic gymnastics, dance combinations, and twirling skills. In the last part of class, students will work on their performance and competition routines.

Free Trial Class
Not sure if a baton twirling is for you? Join us for a free trial class with no obligation to continue with the program.

Practice Attire
To develop proper technique, baton twirlers need free-range of movement.  Students who wear jeans, t-shirts, or athletic/street shoes will not be allowed to participate for their own safety. All twirlers must wear the following to practice:

  • a sleeveless practice leotard or form-fitting tank top style shirt
  • form fitting biker/athletic shorts (we do not want to see your panties when stretching)
  • tan baton or jazz shoes (I recommend Instep baton twirling shoes available through Amazon and ABC Baton). They have the look of a jazz shoe with the stability of a rubber sole.) 

Our year begins in September and ends in April with a spring recital, a free performance showcasing skills learned during the year.  Students wishing to enter the Virginia State twirling contest will continue practicing through the end of June.Additionally, students have the option to travel to several baton contests in the Richmond and Hampton Roads regions throughout the year beginning in January.  There is no obligation to attend. Additional performance opportunities may occur during the year.  Our group has previously performed at a Flying Squirrels baseball game, Short Pump Middle School Faculty-Student Basketball game, Challenger League basketball game, and Deep Run High School basketball game.

** There is no substitute baton teacher. Current session pricing includes the potential of 2 unexpected cancellations due to illness or school closure.   If Mrs. Deyo must cancel more than two classes, the session will be extended.